Where Do Big Companies Take Loans And Where Are The Small Ones?

Money for business is needed for both small and large companies. If you can not finance it using your funds, the loan is the solution. Currently, we can apply for them both in banks and non-bank companies.

Large companies usually have no difficulty in financing their activities. This does not mean, however, that they can not be exposed to temporary problems with financial liquidity. It happens, among other things, as a result of seasonal downtime, problems with recovering funds from contractors and clients, official controls that block funds on the account, to mention some reasons.

In turn, small businesses are already more vulnerable to financial problems. All you need to do is read the CEIDG statistics, ie the Central Register and Information on Business. The number of registered activities is usually two times higher than closed ones. This applies mainly to micro and small companies – not all of them pass the dry rate for the first year of operation. All it takes is the insolvency of the key contractor or the customer so that the entrepreneur can fall into serious financial difficulties.


Where do companies borrow?

Where do companies borrow?

Currently, loans are offered not only by banks, but also by non-banking companies, as we mentioned at the beginning. The offer is very diverse. Today, we can get a loan not only as a long-term company in the industry, but also as a new business.

The most frequently chosen loans for large companies are bank loans. Large companies have been operating in the industry most often for years, which makes banks look at them with a more benign eye. You can choose between cash loans for current operations, credit lines in a bank account, as well as purpose loans, for example investment loans, as well as credit cards. Large companies can count on loans up to several million zlotys depending on their creditworthiness.

However, the situation looks different when it comes to loans for smaller companies , especially those that are just starting their operation. Then they can not count on such high sums as large companies that have a longer internship. Banks are then cautious and consider not to transfer funds to uncertain clients. We may be asked to provide a business plan, provide security. On the other hand, loan companies offer more favorable conditions – in this case, we can get a loan without unnecessary formalities, also from the first day of operation.


ADD Bank – loan for small and large companies

ADD Bank - loan for small and large companies

At ADD Bank, we have prepared an internet installment loan for each company that meets our basic requirements – you only need to present your ID card, write the villages correctly and not have any debts recorded in BIG databases. We do not require clients to provide registration, banking or accounting documents, guarantees and collaterals. We also offer loans from the first day of operation.

We invite you to take a closer look at our installment loan for business!